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Wednesday , March , 20 2019
Child Support
Adkins Family Law Child support

  • Overview
  • Enforcement / Contempt
  • Increase / Decrease - Modification

Here in Florida, child support is calculated based on incomes from both of the parties using state recommended guidelines. The court may also consider other assets and recurring income, day care costs, health insurance for the minor children, and what each party is able to earn. We try to focus on making sure the correct figures are used in each case. Once the figures are determined, child support can be calculated rather quickly.

What happens when a child support obligation has been ordered by the court, but the parent refuses to pay? The parent who refuses to pay can be brought to court to explain to the judge why he/she isn't paying their child support obligation. Depending on the reasons, the court can sanction the parent by ordering a lump sum payment, and possibly jail time. Our firm will represent you on either side.

Circumstances may change from time to time like the parties' income, cost of medical insurance, daycare costs, etc. If any of these things have changed since the initial child support obligation was entered, you may have had a substantial change of circumstance. If you have had a substantial change of circumstance, you may be eligible for an increase or decrease in your child support payments. Contact our office to see if you qualify.


The information provided here is intended to be general information. It should be used as a reference and may not apply to your specific case. The information made available DOES NOT create an attorney/client relationship between you and the attorney. Please call our Office, (954) 734-6048 for answers specific to your situation.