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Friday , April , 19 2019
adkins family law mediation

  • Overview

All Florida Family cases go to mediation. Mediation is required by the Court and ensures that all parties get together to try and resolve issues before they go to the judge. Mediation is an informal process where the parties meet with a neutral third person who listens to the parties, determines what the problems are and whether there is a resolution that both of the parties can live with. It has been my experience, and continues to be my goal to assist the parties to reach a full agreement. If you are unable to reach a full agreement, then you will see the judge about the issues that could not be resolved.

Mediation also helps by keeping the decision-making process in the hands of the parties and is completely private. Anything you say during mediation is confidential and cannot be repeated without your permission, with some very limited exceptions involving future crimes and abuse/neglect issues with children. The spirit of mediation is to allow the parties to freely discuss the issues that they are having trouble with. Better discussion results in better agreements.


The information provided here is intended to be general information. It should be used as a reference and may not apply to your specific case. The information made available DOES NOT create an attorney/client relationship between you and the attorney. Please call our Office, (954) 734-6048 for answers specific to your situation.