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Signing the prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

While not particularly romantic, a prenuptial agreement (prenup) is a crucial tool for safeguarding your assets, especially if you or your future spouse have significant wealth.


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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Although not considered very romantic, a prenuptial agreement, or “prenup,” is a valuable asset if you value your assets and have assets of value. If so, a prenup may be more beneficial than imaginable. In spite of the awkward aspects, a prenup has recently become more acceptable and included in a marriage agreement.


Before marriage, you’ll need to decide how to manage your assets. You’ll also want to protect your children’s expected inheritance. Do you or your future spouse intend to incur debts? Student loans? Do you want to protect a personally-owned business? Ultimately, you do not want your default state laws to control the distribution of your property.


A prenup defines how to pass separate property to children or relatives and still provide for each other by clarifying financial responsibilities and offering debt protection. For any couple who own assets and are considering marriage, a prenup is indispensable.


There are considerable details to include when planning your wedding, and a prenup should not be overlooked or dismissed. A prenup will help you immensely if you decide to divorce, and without this simple piece of paper, a divorce could cost more than the duration of your marriage.


A prenup is a practical agreement that protects you and your assets from problematic divorce proceedings. Our firm will assist you in creating a prenup that will protect you, your family and your financial assets.


Post Nuptial Agreements

A postnuptial agreement in Florida is much like a prenuptial agreement. It is a contract between a husband and wife which sets delineates the division of assets, alimony or both in the event of divorce. A post-nuptial agreement is executed during the marriage.

The agreement may not be made to facilitate or promote the divorce; however, it is acceptable that the parties contemplate the outcome of the possibility of a divorce when entering into a postnuptial agreement.


There are many specific terms a couple may contemplate when entering into a postnuptial agreement in Florida. For example, the spouses may consider living spaces and even define their mutual rights and responsibilities regarding support and custody of children, in addition to personal finances and properties.


Spouses may even agree to live together in the family home until it is sold in the event of a divorce. A postnuptial agreement is as important as a prenuptial agreement and should be included in any marriage.

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