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Hurricane Season is here

Living in Florida means being constantly vigilant during the annual hurricane season, which lasts from June 1st to November 30th. The safety of children becomes a top priority during this extended period of potential danger. At Adkins Family, we understand the importance of safeguarding children in the event of a hurricane, which is why we strongly advocate for the integration of a comprehensive hurricane plan into your parenting arrangements.

This hurricane plan should be a detailed document that covers various aspects to ensure the safety and well-being of children. It should include specifics such as custody arrangements during a storm, outlining who will be responsible for the children and where they will stay. Additionally, the plan should establish the appropriate time to take action as a hurricane approaches, ensuring that there is ample time to prepare and evacuate if necessary.

Communication strategies are also crucial during a hurricane, especially when parents are separated. The plan should outline how parents will stay in touch with each other and with their children to provide updates and reassurance. Establishing clear communication channels can help alleviate anxiety and ensure that everyone is informed and safe.

Moreover, the hurricane plan should detail the steps for a safe return to normalcy post-storm. This includes guidelines for reuniting families, assessing any damages to property, and addressing any emotional or psychological effects the hurricane may have had on children. By having a well-thought-out hurricane plan in place, parents can navigate the challenges of a storm more effectively and protect their children during this vulnerable time.e


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